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Pengana Capital

Did you know that 98% of all companies in Europe and the US with revenues in excess of $10 million are not listed? Not only that, but the number of listed companies have been steadily decreasing since the mid 1990’s. In collaboration with Chicago based Grosvenor Capital Management, the Pengana... Show More

Funds sponsored

The Emerging Companies Fund, under joint management by CVC and Evans Dixon, now gives wholesale investors access to the kind of early-stage investment opportunities commonly reserved for private money. The Emerging Companies Fund aims for superior, long-term returns from its portfolio of 15–25 listed and unlisted growth and expansion-stage companies,... Show More

At the end of 2018 the US Federal Reserve backflipped on their plans to continue hiking interest rates. Why? Well to put it simply, it seems that they underestimated the effects that tightening monetary policy would have across asset markets. Show More

Schroders Australia

Elon Musk, the divisive entrepreneur, has recently made headlines with the below tweet. In a subsequent blog post, Musk made clear his reasons for wanting to take his electric vehicle company, Tesla, away from the stockmarket. He expressed his frustration at the distraction caused by wild swings in the Tesla... Show More

Luke Cummings

A recent market report from Pitcher Partners found that M & A activity in 2017 increased 55% compared with the prior year, with numerous industry players such as Morgan Stanley, KPMG, and more all suggesting that M & A activity is showing no signs of slowing down just shy of... Show More