James Gerrish

It seemed like there was a decent sell order in ASX 200 Futures this morning that prompted selling amongst the large cap stocks – usually happens with an overseas fund is taking a negative bet on Australia and getting set via Futures – the weakness was obvious on open, a... Show More

Stuart Roberts

Are you bullish on New Zealand at the moment? If you are, you ought to check out what's going on in the country's emerging Life Sciences scene. This is the country that created Fisher & Paykel Healthcare as well as the A2 Milk Company, and, as Xero has shown us,... Show More

Stuart Roberts

Seen that ad on television lately showing a guy with longish grey hair and a soft voice with a noticeable Kiwi accent pitching an OTC painkiller called Maxigesic? That's Dr Hartley Atkinson, founder of the Auckland-based AFT Pharmaceuticals, who invented the product - it was the first in the world... Show More