In this short video we discuss the current negotiations with #1 global animal health company, Zoetis, regarding a commercial agreement for the worldwide development, distribution and marketing of ANR’s Detach product, in addition to the submission of the Company’s dossier to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), seeking... Show More

Stuart Roberts

Anatara Lifesciences is striking a blow against antibiotic resistance. The company is nearing the market with its first product, called Detach, a treatment for production animals such as cattle and pigs designed to reduce gastrointestinal disorders in these animals, thereby increasing meat yield. Anatara filed for Australian approval of Detach... Show More

Today's note again highlights the show of hands versus poll voting debate, with three smaller ASX listed entities demonstrating why a poll is best: the result, even if it is one the Board doesn't like, is clear. You'll find today's note at this link and remember it's updated through... Show More