Patrick Poke

Index fund pioneer and Vanguard founder, John Bogle, passes away at 89; JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, says US growth could be zero this quarter if shutdown continues; Nike announces rechargeable, self-lacing smart-shoes; and McDonald's loses 'Big Mac' trademark in Europe. Here's what's happening in markets today. Show More

Mark Gordon

Strong investor interest has continued in the junior and mid-cap resources stocks through 2017. Despite a relatively flat first half of the year, the second half has seen a 20-30% increase in the relevant ASX indices on the back of steadily improving metals prices, particularly in the base and battery... Show More

Hedley Widdup

There is little more exciting in mining than a discovery. “Discovery” companies (as opposed to “exploration” companies) are rare, the phase characterised by investors speculating on how big a find could be, as inevitably the market has to digest each new drill hole as it is delivered. In this time... Show More