Alex Cowie

We recently reviewed the ten most tipped stocks, which are leading the market by 17% so far this year. However, there was a second crop, the ‘ten more’ most tipped stocks (i.e. in positions 11-20)… So, how is this group tracking so far? This list included Jumbo Interactive and Nearmap, which... Show More

James Miller

Baby Bunting is a baby speciality goods retailer with a network of 50 stores across Australia. The company has a 12% share of the $2.4 billion of the domestic baby goods market, generating $300 million of sales last financial year. In this article, we highlight three reasons why Baby Bunting... Show More

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

The public debate as to whether the US, and by extension the global economy, is heading for a recession has quickly fallen flat in early 2019. Very little works as reassuringly as rising share prices, and as the dire and gloomy final quarter of calendar 2018 has been followed up... Show More

Alex Cowie

Last week we shared the ‘the ten most tipped stocks for 2019’ each of which received more than 1% of the ~2500 stock tips from readers in our recent survey. Today's wire looks at the next tier down: the stocks that got between 0.5% and 1.0% of tips. It’s an... Show More

Oscar Oberg

I can honestly say that as a father of two young kids, having a baby for the first time is definitely the most rewarding thing I've ever done. But I tell you what, it's tough. I mean, think of all the dirty nappies, the endless crying, the spewing, and my... Show More

Alex Cowie

On Thursday, we heard from some of the market’s top fund managers at the Future Generation Investment Forum, with each offering their best stock idea. If you missed it, we have summarised the key points from each presentation below and included a link to the recording. Read on for insights... Show More

Robert Frost

Baby Bunting (BBN) released an upbeat FY 2018 result earlier this morning, which was a welcome relief to investors who had endured a difficult year following unprecedented structural change in the baby goods industry, with many of the company’s key competitors entering administration. This led to a wave of heavy... Show More

Richard Coppleson

Last reporting season, stocks that “beat” were up +3.10% on the day, and then added an extra +13% to be up +15.7% 4 mths after reporting. The ASX 200 rallied +6.2% over this same time. These stocks had a “lower short interest” at 2.1%, versus 3.1% for the misses. The... Show More

Jack Collopy

Baby Bunting is a well-recognised baby goods retailer with approximately 12% market share in Australia. The company has 42 stores across its network and has successfully doubled sales in less than 4 years. Baby Bunting is still in the early stages of its store rollout program, with new stores maturing... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Disciplined, focused and humble are three words that spring to mind when describing smallcap specialist Chris Prunty. He’s unlikely to tell you about the cricketing prowess that earned him a scholarship to study at Australian National University. He’s even less likely to let on that he was ‘peer reviewed’ and... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market finished negative with Asian markets as the bank ratings downgrade hit home despite positive US markets. The best performing sectors were Retail, Information Technology and Materials while the worst performers were Gold, Property Trusts and Energy. AUDUSD fell below 76 cents on bank downgrade but weaker USD has... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

Howard Marks once said “Investing is a popularity contest, and the most dangerous thing is to buy something at the peak of it’s popularity.” So in this episode of Buy Hold Sell we’ve actively sought out three of the most un-popular stocks on the ASX. Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market fell after starting positive and then made a slight recovery to deliver third consecutive negative day. Commodities were smacked overnight and that meant resource sector was always going to be under pressure. Banks started positive on NAB result but then faded into negative territory as market worried about... Show More