Daily Report
James Gerrish

Stocks recovered most of the losses incurred the prior session today – Energy and Resources the main game in town however the buying was very broad based with all sectors ticking higher. US Futures provided a positive backdrop – up around +0.2% for most of our session while Asian markets... Show More

Daily Report
James Gerrish

I felt like I was one of only a handful in the city today with the Easter School Holidays overlapping ANZAC Day and creating the perfect excuse to take or extend holidays. The market reflected it with the index closing flat. Gold stocks did well today on the... Show More

James Gerrish

Another day where the ‘Pro Australia’ theme was alive and well – the index opening marginally higher before yet another wave of strong buying across the market played out. Both resources and banks were strong, along with pretty much everything else as the cool winds of FOMO are blowing hard... Show More

Patrick Poke

Popular wisdom from the likes of Warren Buffett, Jack Bogle, and Burton Malkiel (author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street) states that it's near-impossible to consistently time the market, so why even try? Just buy and hold for the long term, and collect your dividend cheque every six months.... Show More

Justin Braitling

Clydesdale Bank (CYBG) is a British retail bank which spun-out of the National Australia Bank in 2016. Pursuant to an announcement on May 7th, the company has proposed to acquire fellow UK challenger bank Virgin Money. At the present moment, investors don’t know whether they are buying CYBG’s “old pitch”... Show More

Michael O'Neill

When you look at the ASX 300 Industrial Index, over 50% is dominated by financials and real estate so investors need to be cautious. The financials can be quite leveraged companies, where earnings quality can often be an issue, and a lot of those companies are tied to the property... Show More