Tom Piotrowski speaks with FAR Ltd (FAR) Managing Director, Cath Norman about the exploration company's SNE Field off the coast of Senegal which was the world’s largest oil discovery in 2014/15 To watch more Executive Series interviews, visit Show More

Some smaller ASX listed entity AGMs feature in today's note including Enerji (first strike), Galaxy Resources, Intrepid Mines, Kula Gold, Latin Resources, Po Valley Energy, KGL Resources (two strike AGM with the contingent/conditional Board Spill Resolution on the AGM agenda), Red Sky Energy, Sovereign Gold (first strike), plus general meeting... Show More

Today's first edition of the Daily AGM Note is now available at this link and includes results for Oil Search's 2016 AGM and FAR Limited. The note is updated progressively throughout the day. Show More

George Boubouras

The changes to our portfolio in 2016 have been moving to a moderate overweight in banks from an underweight position after the capital raisings in H2 2015. While challenges remain in the wholesale funding market for the banks, the bulk of Tier 1 capital has been raised in our view.... Show More

George Boubouras

Since late 2014 we have had a bias in our risk allocation towards a defensive stance. This has led to large underweights to energy, bulks, and metals (except Lithium producers which we have been overweight). We have held a neutral position for gold in the large cap portfolios and overweight... Show More