Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell

Small caps have been sizzling in 2018 and there’s been big moves in a number of market darlings post their results. Analysts and investors have been left scratching their heads as earnings fundamentals seem at odds with the outsized market reactions. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell we’ve invited... Show More

David Allingham

There will always be periods where small caps underperform, but over the long term we believe the case for small caps to structurally outperform is stronger than ever. Reasons for this include the high level of inside ownership & alignment with investors. We like the leverage smalls have to M&A... Show More

Small caps have surged in recent months. The Emerging Companies index (XEC), which includes stocks such as HUB24, Appen, Imdex, and Updater in its top ten constituents, has gained 17% over the last six months. There are scores of stories from the small end of transformative wins, not least in... Show More