James Marlay

The listed investment company (LIC) and listed investment trust (LIT) market in Australia has been growing steadily, with its total market cap up nearly 12 per cent over the past year to $42.3 billion and the number of listings rising nearly 6 per cent. However, this remains just a fraction... Show More

Peter Rae

In its latest Quarterly LMI Market Review, Independent Investment Research (IIR) provides detailed coverage of 49 listed investment companies, listed investment trusts and active ETFs including commentary, investment views and ratings. We have coverage across a number of sectors and investing strategies and provide insight into performance, discounts and premiums... Show More

Daryl Wilson

LICs continue to rise in popularity, and luckily for investors, the number, and variety, on offer continues to increase. Some of the more recent prominent IPOs include WAM Global Limited (WGB), L1 Long Short Fund (LSF) and the Gryphon Capital Income Trust (GCI). Together, these three LICs account for around... Show More

Daryl Wilson

There are now over 100 LIC’s (plus some Listed Investment Trusts, or LITs) on the ASX. The main difference between a LIC and a LIT is tax: LITs help to avoid the great "Labor Franking Credit Grab". In this wire, we examine this theme, as well as four other important... Show More