Ben Griffiths

It seems a number of respected commentators have decided a bear market in equities is upon us. Perhaps this is so, but for now, this house is going to give the aged bull market the benefit of the doubt. We explain our reasoning here, and outline 3 new stocks we... Show More

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There are about 2000 companies that fall into the micro-cap universe, and it’s the nursery for those companies that will go on to become future leaders on the ASX. The challenge is finding quality; just 25% of companies with a market cap under $250 million make a profit, and only... Show More

Richard Coppleson

Of the profit warnings this year, 81% of them have been "downgrades". I have found some really interesting observations that I’ll mention through this note that are worth being aware of, before then discussing the main 15 "Positive" Profit Warnings in 2017. Show More

Chris Stott

On Friday, Helloworld Limited (ASX: HLO) announced an upgrade to its current earnings guidance with earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) up from $47 to $51 million to between $52 and $55 million on the back of approximately $5.8 billion of total transaction value (TTV). Helloworld said that... Show More

Equity markets remain at the mercy of abnormal macroeconomic conditions such as unconventional central bank interest rate settings and heightened political uncertainty. Making bold portfolio decisions amid such uncertain conditions is a difficult and potentially hazardous exercise; hence our cautious Asset Allocation settings. Despite these challenges, we think that enduring... Show More

Wilson Asset Management

In our view, travel franchise business Helloworld Limited (ASX: HLO) provided one of the most positive results of the recent reporting season, announcing earnings before interest, tax and depreciation of $25.3 million. An unloved stock over the last few years, the company has been a perennial underachiever with declining earnings.... Show More

Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer at Wilson Asset Management, thinks the Australian market is fairly priced at its current PE of around 15-16 times - slightly above the long-term average. With rate hikes due in the US opening the possibility of a short-term correction, plus the expectation of further rate... Show More

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The only constant in life is change, or so the old saying tells us. The same could apply to the stock market. Mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, regulatory change, and market changes are just some of the factors which cause the companies of today to differ from those of yesterday. In the... Show More