Marni Lysaght

Investors benefit from getting away from their desks. While reading the financial press and dissecting company announcements and reports is important, I know I enhance my investment research when I get out of the office to meet with company management and observe their operations on a site tour. Show More

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When we last spoke to Andrew Smith from Perennial Value Management and David Allingham from Eley Griffiths Group, small caps were coming off the back of a period of underperformance. It’s a different story now, with the Small Ordinaries rallying hard in the back half of 2017. But are attractive... Show More

Rob Tucker

Using two examples that fit into our Megatrend framework of rising Asian consumption, we highlight how we assess allocating capital to one stock in our universe that illustrates strong free cash flow versus another stock in the same sector, essentially giving the same sector exposure. Show More

Rob Tucker

We have used the megatrends framework as a template for several years, simply as a way of formulating a framework for how we start filtering down the investible universe into stocks that we ultimately focus on. We revisit this every 6-12 months to assess where the opportunities are to find... Show More

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Food stocks may not always take you to investing’s promised land, but a2 Milk and Capilano have certainly delivered some milk and honey for investors in recent years. This week, our panellists pass verdict on both stocks, as well as veteran agribusiness, Elders, before then bringing two food stocks of... Show More

Bell Potter

The Bureau of Meteorology has moved to an ‘El Niño watch’, which means the likelihood of it this year is around double the average at 50%. Our analysis of past El Niño events demonstrates Elders, Graincorp, Nufarm, and RuralCo are the most susceptible to share price underperformance, and that Websters... Show More

Andrew Mitchell

One of the real pleasures of investing within the emerging companies space is the ever-evolving variety of businesses and industries we come across in our constant search for new ideas to allocate our investor capital. Where businesses inside the Top 50 are generally well established in industries that are well... Show More

Glennon Capital

It is important first to tackle what we mean by growth. It might be growth the industry is experiencing, growth in the business’s market share, revenue growth, profit growth, earnings per share growth, or free cash flow per share growth. Show More