Anton Tagliaferro

The Australian share market is heavily concentrated amongst the largest companies both in terms of market capitalisation and industry sector. The top 20 stocks dominate the share market with the S&P/ASX 20 stocks amongst the most widely held and researched companies in Australia.Given the large concentration of the ASX top... Show More

Andrew Smith

This time last year, we nominated a high conviction small cap for Livewire in an out-of-favour sector, healthcare. One of our preferred exposures was Integrated Diagnostics (ASX: IDX). Pleasingly, developments since have either delivered on our expectations or exceeded them resulting in the share price being up 41% at the... Show More

Simon Conn

In the context of a slow growth environment, we look for businesses that can do well due to initiatives under their own steam. Integral Diagnostics (ASX:IDX) is probably not a name that many people are familiar with. It is a good quality business and a business that has many of... Show More

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When we last spoke to Andrew Smith from Perennial Value Management and David Allingham from Eley Griffiths Group, small caps were coming off the back of a period of underperformance. It’s a different story now, with the Small Ordinaries rallying hard in the back half of 2017. But are attractive... Show More

Scott Power

The healthcare sector has been very strong this year, and here we touch on eight players within it. There have also been a couple of laggards in that space too, and they are the IVF players. So we've been sitting with neutral recommendations on the space the last two years.... Show More

Andrew Smith

After several years of underperformance investors were initially attracted to the better valuations which were available in Small Caps. However more recently there has been a noticeable improvement in risk appetite. This has added fuel to the rally with investors taking comfort from the almost synchronised growth that is occurring... Show More

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‘Bond Proxies’ - they’re the companies that own and operate unique assets providing investors with earnings certainty, income and capital growth. It’s been a stellar run fueled by 35+ years of falling bond yields. However, as bond yields hit record lows the burning question for many investors is when will... Show More

Simon Conn, Senior Portfolio Manager at Investors Mutual, thinks GWA Group looks attractive following the change in management and asset divestments. GWA Group owns a suite of brands, including Caroma & Dorf, which supply building fixtures and fittings. He says management has been distracted in recent years with divestments and... Show More