James Gerrish

The market was strong early however showed some signs of weakness again during the middle part of the day before a late flurry in the last 20mins saw the index close higher. The Chinese market was strong today adding more than 3% while the rest of Asia tracked higher, although... Show More

Mark Christensen

Despite being relatively unheard of the IVE Group’s (ASX: IGL) activities touch virtually every household in Australia, every week of the year. This printing company has transformed itself into an integrated marketing, print and communications service provider to a large and diverse range of blue chip Australian and global companies... Show More

Charles Leyland, Managing Director of Leyland Private Wealth Management, doesn’t usually participate in IPOs; “99% percent of the time, at some stage you can buy the same business cheaper on the market.” However, there is one recent listing that caught his attention for having both value and upside - Ive... Show More