Alex Shevelev

Comparison website iSelect’s (ISU) half year results last month showed revenue falling 12% on the previous December half. For most companies lower revenue would mean sharply lower profits. Not for iSelect. Profit was up 79%. Why the disparity? Show More

Alex Shevelev

So far, the market reaction to comparison website iSelect’s (ISU) financial results has been muted. The first half contribution is usually negligible; iSelect does most of its business in March and June. Some of the company’s products are under close scrutiny by regulators. And it's a company that has repeatedly... Show More

Asset Allocation
Michael Goldberg

In early 2017 we identified debt and the unsustainably high property prices as the key risks to the Australian economy. In particular we were concerned about the unwinding of the wealth effect as investors began to feel the pinch of a weaker property market. We believed this would manifest itself... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

10 years into a bull market, and with most major indices showing triple-digit percentage gains from their lows, finding value is tough. Compounding the challenges, ‘value stocks’ by the traditional definition have underperformed throughout this period. Despite this, some value investors are still posting outsized returns. If history is any... Show More

James Gerrish

The bourse performed well on a slow news day today, as banks and miners lead the index higher. Banks, in particular the regionals in Bendigo and Bank of QLD, were shown a bit of respite from investors with the big four also finishing higher. ANZ announced a range of impacts... Show More

Martin Pretty

Profit reporting season looked great from a distance but down in the trenches investors may not have felt that was quite the case. The data shows, on a stock-by-stock or even-weighted basis, that there has been a tempering of expectations across most sectors. Show More

Chris Stott

The third and busiest week of reporting season saw strong performance from the mining services sector, while most companies continue to provide subdued outlook statements reflecting current economic conditions. Overall company results have not met the market’s expectations invoking strong reactions from investors in some cases. In this week's report... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market recovered to finish a better than expected negative day after substantially weak lead from US market. Global markets were rattled by the terror attacks in Spain while US market was worried that Gary Cohn may follow the CEO walkout from US president’s leadership groups. Global economies are showing... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

Companies that change the way we do business can offer great opportunities as they establish and monetise new marketplaces. So in this week’s Buy Hold Sell we review 3 stocks leveraging this theme, as well as a microcap taking on Tatts and TAB, and a stock enjoying the NBN as... Show More