Adam Dawes

We are seeing an alarming trend of changing/lowering fee structures within Platinum Asset Management Limited (PTM) and now today K2 Asset Management Holdings Ltd (KAM). I think that this will continue in the industry as Managed Funds continue to fight against lower cost options e.g. ETF’s for investors. While reducing... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Over the past week Livewire has run a feature on generating alpha through effective investment idea generation and screening. We learned that there is no substitute for meeting with as many companies as possible. Valuable ideas also come from advisers, other investors, monitoring buying and selling of company insiders, attending... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

When filtering the more than 2,200 stocks on the ASX in the hunt for that under-appreciated gem, it is essential to have an efficient and effective system to sort the wheat from the chaff. So, following on from our recent report on how professional investors generate new investment ideas, we... Show More