Simon Shields

Kogan is a stock that we've discussed numerous times on Livewire. In a recent video, I explained why we believed that the market was underestimating the potential for an earnings upgrade. Kogan has since provided a positive earnings update, confirming our thesis. In this note I'll explain what the market... Show More

Daily Report
James Gerrish

Another really strong day for Aussie stocks as traders position for further interest rate cuts locally following a weaker than expected print on inflation at 11.30am this morning…A host of investment banks along with ANZ, WBC and NAB are now calling for two rate cuts this year, the... Show More

Patrick Poke

Index fund pioneer and Vanguard founder, John Bogle, passes away at 89; JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, says US growth could be zero this quarter if shutdown continues; Nike announces rechargeable, self-lacing smart-shoes; and McDonald's loses 'Big Mac' trademark in Europe. Here's what's happening in markets today. Show More


While some investors may sell short to offset other positions, Simon Shields from Monash Investors Limited explains that they engage in shorting to make money. One of those shorts is betting against one of the best-known brands in the country, Coca-Cola Amatil. But why would you bet against Coke? “We’ve... Show More

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell

It's no secret that there's been great money to be made in small caps in recent times. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell we've selected three companies that have been shooting the lights out when it comes to delivering exceptional growth for investors. Matthew Kidman from Centennial Asset Management hosts... Show More

NAOS Asset Management

“Right now, there’s no question: It’s feeling strong. I mean, if we’re in the sixth inning, we have our sluggers coming to bat right now. Right now, business is good. There’s no question about it” Warren Buffet, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway Show More