James Gerrish

Another choppy session for the Aussie market with stocks sold down early only to recover late in the day. The banks provided a drag, more so early however on however what was noticeable, is that some of the beaten down ‘dogs’ are starting to again come into focus. Emeco (EHL)... Show More

James Gerrish

Despite the Nasdaq reaching new highs on a close basis overnight + most indices rallying, local futures were pointing lower today and that’s where the market headed, quickly erasing yesterday’s relief before rebounding somewhat and settling around the 6000 level. The market dipped back below this level at the end... Show More

Marcus Padley

For individual investors, one of the biggest challenges is uncovering new investment ideas. While fund managers have brokers and investment banks regularly knocking on their doors trying to sell their latest deals, other investors must be more creative. Here are 11 sources of stock ideas for the private investor. Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market moved down with weaker commodities and weaker yield despite solid non-farm payroll pushing March rate rise to near 100% probability. Gold was a substantial outperformer in a day when most sectors were negative…Property, Energy and Health Care were the worst performers. Volatility index in Australia reached historical lows... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

John Hempton, a renowned Sydney based hedge fund manager, has doused fuel onto the property bubble debate. In an article published by Fairfax, Hempton shares details of an expedition undertaken to explore the 'underbelly' of Sydney's property market. The gory tale of empty apartments and dodgy lending has created some... Show More

Week 3 of the AGM season and a few companies have the conditional Board Spill resolution (explained in this ) on the agenda (first strike at the 2014 AGM), including McMillan Shakespeare, Newcrest Mining, UGL, Mortgage Choice, Codan Limited, Samson Oil & Gas. You can find the note at... Show More