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Alex Shevelev

The oil price has been on a rollercoaster for the past five years. From the depths of US$28 per barrel in early 2016 the price rose to US$85 per barrel last October. Things seemed to be going well for oil producers and service providers. But it was short lived. Oil... Show More

Steve Johnson

We’ve been making our case on Livewire for investing in oil-related stocks since 2015. It’s been an arduous journey that dates back to 2013, but with the recent oil price strength, Livewire got in touch to get our updated thoughts on the sector. Show More

Alex Shevelev

The September 2017 quarterly report spelled out a renewed bullish message from the International Fund team: the oil price is headed higher. The Australian Fund has not had as many oil exposed stocks to choose from, but we have recently added to the Fund’s oil exposure. It’s an asset heavy... Show More