James Gerrish

While I'm yet to observe a popular way for governments to tax the masses, Labor's proposals on franking credits has focussed the attention of one very local and agitated demographic in particular: wealthy retirees with the time and inclination to rile the boffins that have suggested such an impost. Show More

Buy Hold Sell

We’ve seen how rollups can be an amazing source of growth, but they can also be painful when they come unstuck. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell, we look at 5 companies that are growing by acquisition. We ask our panel whether momentum will continue for the glamour stocks,... Show More

Pat Barrett

...sure, there's no +13% returns on results day like NIB Holdings, but there's also none of the wild swings we've seen with Worley Parsons, or the -36% MTD falls for software group CSG. The REIT results display reliable income growth due to the contractual nature of the rental income. REITs... Show More

Hugh Dive

Over the last two years listed property has been the top performing sectors on the ASX 200 outperforming the broader equity market. While Australian other sectors in the equity market have faced concerns about a rising and then falling AUD, falling commodity prices, Eurozone issues and bank capital raisings, listed... Show More

Livewire Equities

Jeremy Hook, Investment Director at TMS Capital, sees a bright future for National Storage. National Storage is one of the largest self-storage operators in Australia. Hook says that a lack of space in urban areas is driving growth after an "explosion in units being built." He likes the stocks as... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Goldman Sachs says a combination of yield + growth (industrial yield) has significantly outperformed a pure high yield strategy in the past 15 years. We ask three fund managers what’s one stock in your universe that best fits the bill of yield + growth and why will it continue to... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Within our universe we think the market is incorrectly pricing a ‘yield + growth’ situation for a company called National Storage (NSR). NSR generates income from its portfolio of ~80 self-storage sites across Australia, distributing to investors bi-annually. Future earnings growth is generated from increasing rents, as well as further... Show More

James Marlay

This time last year Tim Hannon, Chief Investment Officer of Freehold Investment Management, shared his thoughts on National Storage Reit (NSR): Since posting, shares in NSR have added 30%+ and paid distributions of 7.8c. We touched base with Tim for an update. “National Storage continues to execute well on... Show More