Schroders Australia

They have seen the whites of the enemy’s eyes and beat a hasty retreat. Given the correlation of equity markets with the progression of quantitative easing, the prospect of tighter monetary conditions, particularly in the US, sent shivers through markets in the final quarter of 2018. Show More

Patrick Poke

Afterpay's algorithm better than the banks' - but will it save them from regulation? Credit cards are losing favour with Australian consumers, and a Californian energy firm goes into bankruptcy with US$30 billion in liabilities. Here's what's happening in markets today. Show More

Andrew Mitchell

Not unlike the regenerative quality of an Australian summer bushfire, equity market corrections are a necessary evil of healthy and well-functioning markets. More often than not, they allow share markets to recalibrate and consolidate over the shorter-term, whilst also acting as an agent to transfer capital from weaker, short-term hands... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

In this episode of Buy Hold Sell, we ask our panel to look at five market darlings with nosebleed valuations. On average the stocks have delivered 27.5% EPS growth, and a 12-month return of 22%. However, with an average PE of 56 times… are investors are walking the tightrope? Panel: Matthew... Show More