Richard Coppleson

Of the profit warnings this year, 81% of them have been "downgrades". I have found some really interesting observations that I’ll mention through this note that are worth being aware of, before then discussing the main 15 "Positive" Profit Warnings in 2017. Show More

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Buy Hold Sell

After reviewing the stocks that shot the lights out in FY17, this week we turn the tables and look at 5 widely held stocks that dragged the market down, the worst of which has more than halved in price. We ask if the companies currently in the ‘dog-house’ will keep... Show More

The consulting firm Quinlan and Associates recently estimated that brokers publish over 40,000 research reports globally each week. With reporting season in full flow now and for the next few weeks, this number may even feel on the low side. With research flow peaking we asked Rudi Filapek-Vandyck from FNArena,... Show More

James Gerrish

We talked about high PE stocks this morning with the view to being very cautious around that part of the market. That said, there were still a number of them that are on our radar and indeed a few that we currently own. There’s no sugar coating it, this part... Show More