Bell Potter

The Listed Investment Company (LIC) sector has been one of the great success stories of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in recent years. LICs have been trading on the ASX for nearly 100 years, but it is only of late that a broader range of investors have capitalised on the... Show More

Independent Investment Research

Listed Investment Companies (LICs) have enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance ever since the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) reforms levelled the playing field with unlisted trusts. In the last four years, 42 new LICs have been listed, bringing the total combined market capitalisation for all LICS to $31 billion at... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Paul Moore, Chief Investment Officer at PM Capital has enjoyed a stellar run investing in cyclical stocks that surged ahead since Trump's election victory. In the video below, he explains the drivers of the reflation trade, and whether the market has room left to run. Show More

PM Capital

Kevin Bertoli, Portfolio Manager at PM CAPITAL, says there are a number of widely held misconceptions about investing into Asia. Firstly, he says there tends to be a generalized view that ‘Asia is China’. “Obviously China is going to have the biggest impact on us as investors given the structure... Show More

PM Capital

Following the euphoria of the Chinese A shares market in 2015 Asian markets have now fallen around 25%. Kevin Bertoli from PM Capital says that markets are now starting to factor in the transition away from fixed asset investment towards a consumption led economy. Show More

PM Capital

Kevin Bertoli, Portfolio Manager at PM CAPITAL, says that on a long-term view Asia remains the most attractive region for growth. "When I think about the area of growth globally I still think the area of growth is going to be in Asia. Places like Europe and the U.S. will... Show More

PM Capital

Paul Moore, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, of PM CAPITAL believes that in order to consistently deliver outstanding returns you need to be doing something different from the crowd. For over 30 years PM CAPITAL has used the same three guiding principles to help build a unique investment track record.... Show More