Luke Cummings

Following on from the recently announced takeover offers for Mantra Group Limited (MTR) and Property Group Limited (PLG) and so too the current tussle for control of Asia Pacific Data Centres (AJD), we thought it was worth revisiting what we look for when trading opportunities in the merger arbitrage space... Show More

Pat Barrett

While US stocks rise to record levels thanks to The Don's "phenomenal" tax cuts, French and Italian bonds gained amidst political risk. Many discount Le Pen's chances in France but those same commentators discounted Trump's chances and Brexit. At home, there have been signs of strain with weaker earnings reported... Show More

Pat Barrett

There were a handful of results this week highlighted by the Goodman Group. It really was a standout with EPS growth of 7.8%. Once again, and just like every year for the past five years, they exceeded initial guidance. What's even better is the fact that they’ve been selling assets... Show More