Stuart Roberts

If I said the company name Phosphagenics to you, would it ring a bell? Unless you really know the Life Sciences sector of the ASX really well, probably not. What if I said to you that this was the Melbourne-based company where, in 2013, it was revealed that then CEO... Show More

Some interesting AGM outcomes today, with Phosphagenics shareholders electing a non-Board endorsed candidate as a Director but no second strike, while Highlands Pacific shareholders passed two director election resolutions on shows of hands...with the proxy voting position indicating the level of dissent. The note is updated progressively throughout the day.... Show More

A busy AGM month this month and I can't hope to touch on all the AGMs...but I have a note on All the Majors AGMs happening this month, the two strike AGMs happening this month and a note with a selection of AGMs and General Meetings occurring in... Show More