Richard Coppleson

Of the profit warnings this year, 81% of them have been "downgrades". I have found some really interesting observations that I’ll mention through this note that are worth being aware of, before then discussing the main 15 "Positive" Profit Warnings in 2017. Show More

Steve Black, Portfolio Manager of Pengana’s Emerging Companies Fund says that new IPOs are coming through “thick and fast” at the moment and he’s seeing at least three companies per week. In amongst this flurry of activity Black remains “wary” of many new floats because, in his view, they frequently... Show More

Pengana Capital

We would highlight Pacific Smiles as a company which is well positioned to outperform peers in the healthcare sector. The company is the second largest dentistry player in Australia, with a market share of around 2%. The company operates 48 clinics and is rolling out 8-10 new locations per annum.... Show More

As part of this week’s “Buy Side Brief” series, Livewire spoke to 3 of our contributors to find out which recent IPOs have impressed them and why. Livewire readers can access the answers here... Show More

Pacific Smiles operates branded dental care centres in Australia. Pacific Smiles provides Dentists a range of services including facilities, support staff, marketing, materials and administrative services. The business model allows dentists to maximise their time treating patients, i.e. generating revenue, without the distractions of operating the business of the dental... Show More