Peter Gardner

Interest rates around the world, including Australia, have been falling recently. Where conventional wisdom one year ago was for rising rates, now expectations have factored in domestic rate cuts and falling yields over the next 3 years. Aussie 10-year government bonds are at all-time lows standing at 1.75%. This change... Show More

James Gerrish

The ASX oscillated in a 30 point range today and was again choppy under the hood – however a more bearish day overall with Materials (for a change) leading the fall. US Futures traded in the red for most of the session while Asian Markets tracked a similar path –... Show More

Eley Griffiths Group

Eley Griffiths Group does not always as a house run bullish, but we have in the past couple of years. In a recent presentation to the Morgans network, Portfolio Managers Ben Griffiths and David Allingham outlined some of reasons underpinning our current bullish stance. Show More

Alex Cowie

Platinum Asset Management’s Founder Kerr Neilson is a fund manager who needs no introduction. Kerr recently sat down with Platinum's Julian McCormack to discuss timeless investment principles, the big issues today, and what he’s excited about ahead. We have prepared the following transcript for you, with a link to the... Show More

Welcome to the FNArena Reporting Season Monitor for the August result season 2018. The Monitor reports ratings and consensus price target changes, along with brief summaries of the collective responses, from FNArena database brokers for each of the 300+ stocks. Week 3 is now available with coverage of 213 stocks. Show More