Stuart Jackson

With so much focus these days on digital advertising, it’s easy to forget that traditional forms of advertising can also be quite profitable. Take outdoor media, for example, where revenue growth has been resilient over the last year. Show More

Ron Shamgar

The August Reporting season was a hectic one. The majority of small caps report their results in the last 10 days of the month, which makes for a very busy period for Fund managers and investors alike. Pleasingly 19 of the 20 stocks in the TBF Small Cap Value Growth... Show More

Glennon Capital

During this week’s results presentation WPP Group (WPP, the old STW Communications) reported on the state of the advertising market for the past year as well as expectations over the next few years. Coming from a significant media buying group it made for interesting reading. Show More

Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer at Wilson Asset Management, thinks the Australian market is fairly priced at its current PE of around 15-16 times - slightly above the long-term average. With rate hikes due in the US opening the possibility of a short-term correction, plus the expectation of further rate... Show More

Leyland Private Asset Management

Today’s movements in the outdoor media sector highlights the importance of not overpaying for a company, no matter how good the business. Whilst APN Outdoor today delivered a highly credible result (and is a quality business), the shares have fallen 33% due to forecast revenue growth falling slightly below market... Show More

George Boubouras

The changes to our portfolio in 2016 have been moving to a moderate overweight in banks from an underweight position after the capital raisings in H2 2015. While challenges remain in the wholesale funding market for the banks, the bulk of Tier 1 capital has been raised in our view.... Show More

George Boubouras

Since late 2014 we have had a bias in our risk allocation towards a defensive stance. This has led to large underweights to energy, bulks, and metals (except Lithium producers which we have been overweight). We have held a neutral position for gold in the large cap portfolios and overweight... Show More

For the first three months of 2016 the ASX 200 has delivered a negative 4% return. Weakness in the major index constituents continues to weigh on many investor portfolios. However, there remains a subset of companies that continue to thrive - delivering opportunity for the active investor. Livewire reached out... Show More

George Boubouras

QMS Media Ltd is a company that offers outdoor advertising services to customers in the Asia Pacific region. The reasons we like this stock are as follows: 1) Outdoor advertising is a good growth sector in a market where many companies are struggling to grow their revenue. The story also... Show More

Eley Griffiths Group

Coming into the reporting season, we began to believe that the ‘new media’ space had become rather fully priced and, therefore, vulnerable to disappointment. This situation has moderated to varying degrees in recent weeks. Isentia, a media intelligence company who largely operate via SaaS, delivered an interim result in line... Show More