Last week, I was reminded by a gold bug investor on Twitter that, as far as asset investment returns are concerned over the past two decades (1999-2019), gold came in a solid second, well ahead of the average equity or property market, but real estate investment trusts (REITs) have been... Show More

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Patrick Fresne

In pre-industrial times, the influence of climate and weather on human societies was readily apparent to the World’s predominantly rural populations: inclement weather could result in failed harvests, higher food prices, unrest and revolutions. Show More

Clime Asset Management

Investors can be drawn to small-caps because the segment often houses companies with unappreciated growth prospects. The challenge of course is to avoid the numerous failures and investment speculation from creeping into portfolios. Show More

Patrick Fresne

California has been pummelled by a deluge of wet weather over the past couple of months. A downpour in February followed on from one of the state's wettest Januaries in history, leading to the well-publicised crisis at the Oroville dam in the North of the state. Show More

Pat Barrett

...sure, there's no +13% returns on results day like NIB Holdings, but there's also none of the wild swings we've seen with Worley Parsons, or the -36% MTD falls for software group CSG. The REIT results display reliable income growth due to the contractual nature of the rental income. REITs... Show More