Alex Cowie

Some of the industry’s leading fund managers took to the stage today as part of Future Generation’s Investment Forum, with each manager sharing their top stock idea for the year ahead. If you were unable to tune in, you can watch this valuable series of snappy presentations here, alternatively, I... Show More

Matthew Kidman

This time last year, I was nominated to put forward my best stock idea at the Future Generation Investment Forum. The stock I chose was HRL Holdings. At the time Livewire reached out to reflect on the thesis, HRL had gained 50%. Off the back of their recent AGM however,... Show More

Glennon Capital

We know Australia is the lucky country – whether that be the weather, the lifestyle, or the 25 plus year streak without a recession. We are also the growing country; Australia’s growth rate of 1.5% outpaces many of our peers. But where is the growth coming from and what is... Show More

Glennon Capital

A young family has many points of financial stress to contend with at the moment. The record prices of property in Australia’s major cities make buying a property a difficult exercise. Rents have also continued to rise. Meanwhile a second issue is also consistently present for those with young children:... Show More

Nicholas Leitl

The volume and velocity of information in the world today, especially in financial markets, continues to increase exponentially. Deciphering the noise and understanding key facts is critical for the idea generation process. At K2 Asset Management, we generate ideas from numerous information channels, however getting out and meeting with companies... Show More

Over the past week Livewire has run a feature on generating alpha through effective investment idea generation and screening. We learned that there is no substitute for meeting with as many companies as possible. Valuable ideas also come from advisers, other investors, monitoring buying and selling of company insiders, attending... Show More

A quiet AGM day in terms of numbers, today's note features results for Alumina, Think Childcare and Xanadu Mines. You'll find the note at this link and it is updated throughout the afternoon. Show More