William Gormly

Listed investment companies (LICs) can provide investors with an interesting opportunity; purchasing a portfolio of securities below the intrinsic NTA value. However, 30% of the 114 LICs were trading at a discount greater than 10% at the end of January. Show More

Daryl Wilson

The LIC sector is a fascinating market to operate in. Sometimes IPOs are well supported and discounts to NTA narrow, and at other times (such as now) the overall sector feels soft and many LICs trade at greater than average discounts. Show More

Daryl Wilson

LICs continue to rise in popularity, and luckily for investors, the number, and variety, on offer continues to increase. Some of the more recent prominent IPOs include WAM Global Limited (WGB), L1 Long Short Fund (LSF) and the Gryphon Capital Income Trust (GCI). Together, these three LICs account for around... Show More

Patrick Poke

There are a range of brokers and researchers who produce regularly monthly or quarterly updates on the LIC sector. While the quality and depth of the research available is excellent, providing complete coverage of over 100 companies and trusts takes can take several weeks. The LICs presented below are not an... Show More

Marcus Padley

There is Fundamental analysis and there is Technical analysis. A lot of investors think it ends there. But there is another body of analysis that is essential to the process which is not so obvious, analysis that any fund manager in the small and mid-cap space must master and respect. Show More

Daryl Wilson

Below are three LIC’s we believe are currently some of the most attractive. As at 23 August 2017, all three are significant holdings in the Affluence LIC Fund. But first, a brief update on some key events in the sector. Show More