Oscar Oberg

Since the equity market lows in December 2018, investors have chased offshore earnings to escape falling house prices, weak consumer and business sentiment, and uncertainty driven by the Federal election. The February 2019 reporting season highlighted this; economic bellwether companies Costa Group, Bingo Industries and Boral downgraded earnings before their results... Show More

Patrick Poke

UK Prime Minister faces no confidence vote following historic Brexit defeat, The Reject Shop continues to face pressure from unwanted suitor, and another Aussie retailer enters voluntary administration. Here's what's happening in markets today. Show More

Jeffrey Tse

Do you remember the first time you visited a dollar store? For me it was an exciting stop after school. My weekly pocket money felt like a fortune. I converted it into a Swiss army knife, a cap gun and an assortment of snacks. There are fewer genuine dollar stores... Show More

Investment Theme
Andrew Mitchell

Despite continuing equity market volatility and ongoing geo-political uncertainty (both domestically and overseas), corporate activity again remained elevated towards the end of 2018 as an array of Australian businesses were either subject to takeover announcements or sought to raise capital to fund their own growth initiatives. Show More

Schroders Australia

Progress in data analysis and artificial intelligence has done little to alleviate the propensity of people to gravitate towards euphoria and panic together. October saw a fair amount of euphoria give way. Commentators will invariably insert the requisite ‘catalysts’ to explain recent markets falls, aided a little by hindsight. We... Show More

Chris Stott

Expectations of accelerated interest rate rises sent equity markets into a tailspin in February, impacting the first quarter and setting the tone for the calendar year. The good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom and investors can look to the media and retail sectors for opportunities over... Show More

Alex Cowie

One of many slick features our talented dev team has built this quarter is a re-engineered ‘Trending' panel on our website. Their algo crunches data from clicks, likes, comments, and social shares (the button at the bottom-left of each wire), to create an ever-changing carousel of your favourite content. Show More