Andrew Tang

Equities have continued to recover from their sell-off late last year; income-oriented asset classes like property and infrastructure have been in strong demand and this will likely be prolonged as rate cuts are increasingly priced in.Looking ahead, the most likely scenario is that the global economy will find ways to... Show More

Andrew Tang

We have spoken about market abnormalities and the risk of fresh volatility for some time. Overall we think current weakness will prove to be another 'reality check' for a market that had run a little ahead of itself, rather than a precursor to something more serious. The increased volatility in... Show More

Andrew Tang

The ASX 200 Accumulation index returned a respectable 15.4% at the close of reporting season, and is poised to return a similar amount over the next 12 months if all goes to plan. Factset consensus forecasts anticipate another year of 7.2% earnings growth at a dividend yield of 4.6% which... Show More

Andrew Tang

In our reporting season preview, we noted that the spread in consensus forecasts was very narrow and the potential for beats and misses versus market expectations was lower than normal. It is this dynamic that foreshadowed many of the results across our coverage universe, where results were mostly in line... Show More

Andrew Tang

Investors are waiting for a circuit-breaker. Stretched valuations limit upside potential for a further re-rating of the market multiple (15.8x 12month forward PE, Industrials ex-Financials at 21.8x) and without clear earnings momentum in either direction the market is likely to remain rangebound. Show More

Equity markets remain at the mercy of abnormal macroeconomic conditions such as unconventional central bank interest rate settings and heightened political uncertainty. Making bold portfolio decisions amid such uncertain conditions is a difficult and potentially hazardous exercise; hence our cautious Asset Allocation settings. Despite these challenges, we think that enduring... Show More

Aged care operator, Estia Health, had a significant downgrade last week, Japara & Regis were also sold off, but have since recovered. The downgrade put some negative sentiment over the sector. Cuts to government spending in the long-term will hang over the sector for a while, but most of this... Show More

Stuart Roberts

Are you bullish on New Zealand at the moment? If you are, you ought to check out what's going on in the country's emerging Life Sciences scene. This is the country that created Fisher & Paykel Healthcare as well as the A2 Milk Company, and, as Xero has shown us,... Show More