Patrick Poke

Last time we heard from Wilson Asset Management's Lead Portfolio Managers, the mood was decidedly bearish. We were in the midst of a correction, and they, like many others, were questioning whether it was ‘the big one’. Fast forward six months, and the mood has picked up. What’s changed? According... Show More

Patrick Poke

The last few years has been a golden age for LICs. Starting in 2013, the removal of commissions on unit trusts as part of the “Future of Financial Advice” (FOFA) reforms levelled the playing field. More recently, buoyant capital markets and fund managers looking for stable pools of capital have... Show More

Patrick Poke

More than 50% of LICs on the ASX are currently trading at a discount, including more than 30% trading at a discount of 10% or more. Geoff Wilson AO, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Wilson Asset Management, says that buying LICs at a discount is like “a real-life Boxing... Show More

Peter Rae

In its latest Quarterly LMI Market Review, Independent Investment Research (IIR) provides detailed coverage of 49 listed investment companies, listed investment trusts and active ETFs including commentary, investment views and ratings. We have coverage across a number of sectors and investing strategies and provide insight into performance, discounts and premiums... Show More

Daryl Wilson

LICs continue to rise in popularity, and luckily for investors, the number, and variety, on offer continues to increase. Some of the more recent prominent IPOs include WAM Global Limited (WGB), L1 Long Short Fund (LSF) and the Gryphon Capital Income Trust (GCI). Together, these three LICs account for around... Show More