David Clark

With the right managers behind the wheel, dislocation in debt markets can present meaningful investment opportunities. In the latest Inside the Rope podcast episode, Haydn Smith of Tribeca Investment Partners and I discuss how investors are taking advantage of recent dislocations. Haydn Smith is a Portfolio Manager at Tribeca Investment... Show More

Christopher Joye

In my column today I write "if only the RBA had its brilliant new research on the impact of interest rates on house prices back in 2013 when I warned them that their easy money policy would blow a huge housing bubble, as it subsequently did" (click on that link... Show More

Dean Italia

Fixed income credit is essentially the activity of lending to groups other than Governments (which are regarded as credit risk free) - at least this can be said of the Australian government. Fixed income is the general classification of the bond market. However, bonds can be issued with fixed or... Show More

At the end of 2018 the US Federal Reserve backflipped on their plans to continue hiking interest rates. Why? Well to put it simply, it seems that they underestimated the effects that tightening monetary policy would have across asset markets. Show More

Jonathan Rochford

This time of year I usually take a break from writing articles and instead send through my best articles from the past year. This year I’ve dug back in the archives to the inception of Narrow Road in 2012. The articles chosen are a mix of credit commentary and pieces... Show More

Jonathan Rochford

The announcement of the Australian Business Securitisation Fund (ABSF) this month has been derided as a political stunt by a few observers. However, if managed correctly it could (i) reduce the cost of borrowing for small and medium businesses and (ii) earn the Federal Government a decent return on its... Show More

Charlie Jamieson

Credit is smouldering right now. When that smoke becomes fire, the door becomes a key hole and only the first few get through. The rest get burnt. Holding credit risks with your equity holdings into 2019 and 2020 seems mighty dangerous. Don’t get barbequed this season. Show More