listed investment companies

James Marlay

The listed investment company (LIC) and listed investment trust (LIT) market in Australia has been growing steadily, with its total market cap up nearly 12 per cent over the past year to $42.3 billion and the number of listings rising nearly 6 per cent. However, this remains just a fraction... Show More

William Gormly

Listed investment companies (LICs) can provide investors with an interesting opportunity; purchasing a portfolio of securities below the intrinsic NTA value. However, 30% of the 114 LICs were trading at a discount greater than 10% at the end of January. Show More

Dominic   McCormick

As an investment consultant and Portfolio Manager with a focus on the listed investment fund space (LICs and LITs) one comment/question I sometimes get from advisers and investors is “why wouldn’t I just pick my own LICs/LITs?” After all, isn’t that the point? You outsource the stockpicking and picking fund... Show More