John Robertson

Mining industry profits may have started to stabilise during the first half of 2016 with two consecutive quarterly rises, albeit only modest, in seasonally adjusted pre-tax profits in the March and June quarters of 2016, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, after a dramatic cyclical decline over the prior... Show More

Jay Soloff

Are US equities in a bubble? An article on Yahoo Finance suggests it's far from a sure thing. Analysts who claim stocks are in a bubble have mostly been focusing on prices in relation to bottom line profits. However, operating profits are sitting right near the 30-year average. In... Show More

Livewire News

US After tax Corporate Profits are at all time highs and while the inclination is to say this is driven exclusively by programs like QE and ZIRP, the pre-crisis profit picture was also very rosy. The corporate sector is actually well positioned: Balance sheets are the cleanest in a long... Show More

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