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Sellers’ expectations need to adjust

Matthew Hayson

A phrase consistently heard in the current property market is “I wish the media would stop talking the market down”. Is the media being made a scapegoat for the market’s cyclical fluctuations and corrections which often result in people not achieving the sales results they’d hoped for? Show More

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Will falling house prices trigger the next Aussie recession?

Stephen Koukoulas

House prices are falling, auction clearance rates continue to drop and there is a such sharp lift in the number of properties for sale that, for the moment, no one is willing to buy at the given asking price. Show More

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Impacts of Labor’s proposed negative gearing and CGT reforms

Pete Wargent

We recently co-authored a detailed report with independent analysts RiskWise Property Research, following in-depth investigation, modelling and data analysis, assessing Labor’s proposed reforms to negative gearing and the capital gains (CGT) tax discount. Show More

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The end of a 25-year bull market

Livewire Exclusive

An increasing number of data series have been turning negative for Australia’s housing market. Auction clearance rates, building approvals, housing credit growth, and even house prices themselves appear to have topped. Anecdotes are popping up of units being resold far below their original purchase value, or with significant incentives offered... Show More

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One thematic to avoid a housing pullback

Robert Frost

We have seen a plethora of analyses in recent weeks from investment banks such as UBS, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup sounding warning bells on the domestic housing market and data from the latest CoreLogic Home Value Index suggests that the Melbourne and Sydney markets are now firmly in retreat. Show More

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Don't let the noise drown out the facts

Julien Brodie

April was a volatile month indeed – or so you would think if you have been following the news. While sensationalised reporting generates readership, a comprehensive assessment of the data often doesn’t support the narrative. Show More

3 immediate implications of tighter lending standards

Pete Wargent

In our latest 50-page report for funds and institutional investors, Chemical Change, we’ve conducted a detailed consideration of shifts in mortgage lending standards, and the likely outcomes from these changes. Highlighted below are three immediate implications. Show More

Amazon Innovation, Soros Joins Crypto Rollercoaster, Property Prices Fall

Kent Kwan

Check out our key takeaways from Amazon’s Innovation Day, plus catch up on other notable things that happened around the world this week, and what it all means for you and your investments. Show More

What's More Risky: Shares or Residential Property?

Kent Kwan

In Australia, many cities have enjoyed a prolonged period of house price increases. As a result, it's safe to say a large number of Australians have fallen in love with residential investment property as an asset class. Show More

The outlook for Australian house prices

Chris Rands

Over the past 15 years Australian house prices have been on an incredible run, resulting in Australian households becoming some of the most indebted in the world. So what is the economic cost of Australia’s sky high property prices and what could it mean for property prices in 2018? Show More

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Why Renting Could be the New Black

Kent Kwan

Should you rent or buy? It’s the classic housing dilemma. However, with property prices being as high as they are, renting is increasingly looking like a more attractive option. While renting can be the more affordable option in the short term, it can also be the smartest – particularly when... Show More

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The ten things to watch in 2018

Saul Eslake

Here are ten things that I think will shape the global and Australian economies in 2018, and that expect I’ll be talking about at conferences and events over the course of the coming year. Show More

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House prices are falling... Be careful what you wish for, RBA

Stephen Koukoulas

The recent house price data from Corelogic are showing further falls in house prices. The falls are, disconcertingly, most evident in Sydney where prices have dropped 0.5 per cent so far in January, which brings the aggregate fall since the September 2017 peak to a chunky 2.9 per cent. This... Show More

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Outlook 2018: A mixed bag for residential housing

Pete Wargent

We should expect to see variations around the country for residential housing in 2018. For example, the Hobart market is extremely tight and there will be ongoing price gains there, and some peri-urban regional markets in New South Wales & Victoria are tracking well. Overall, though, access to credit is... Show More

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5 Essential Investing Tips for Millennials: How to Start Building Wealth Early

Kent Kwan

Isn’t it time we changed the dialogue around millennials and money? Moved away from berating them for their supposed avocado-eating, latte-sipping, globe-trotting habits and offered some pragmatic strategies for building a sustainable financial future? We certainly think so. It’s why we’ve broken down 5 investing tips for millennials looking for... Show More

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Out of property and into stocks

Stephen Koukoulas

There seems to be a theme developing in the Australian market at the moment. We have further evidence of a cooling in the housing market, and a coincidental lift in the value of the ASX hinting that those with money to invest are avoiding the ultra-expensive, low yielding housing market,... Show More

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Key takeaways from the brightest minds in the business

Crestone Wealth Management

Some of the brightest economic and investment minds in the business debated the big macro-economic issues at our latest Crestone Investment Forum. Read on for insights from Jacob Mitchell, Brett Gillespie, Vimal Gor, Dr Phillipp Hofflin, Robert Mead, Dr Michael McCorry, and Stephen Halmarick. Some of the key takeaways are... Show More

Finding Monopoly's 'orange squares' in property investing

Quay Global Investors

In the board game Monopoly, research has shown that on average, the orange squares are among the best investment propositions on the board. Monopoly might be just a game, but identifying and buying the orange squares in real life – those with the best return on capital, and opportunities for... Show More

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3 implications of the hot property market

Livewire Exclusive

Livewire caught up with Giselle Roux, CIO at Escala Partners, to discuss the implications of elevated housing valuations on the wider economy. These include the effect on the retail sector through reduced levels of discretionary income, as well as two other key areas. Show More

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Shares vs Property - Which produces greater returns?

Michael Gable

Property has been a major source of wealth building over the last couple of decades. And has been the vehicle of choice for “Mum and Dad” investors. Show More