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James Marlay

I distinctly remember one investor telling me how lonely he felt undertaking the task of running his super. Alone with lots of information and no one to speak with or use as a sounding board. I’d never really thought about it until this man described the challenges of making important... Show More

Alex Cowie

One of the most engaging parts of my role at Livewire is working with Australian fund managers to discuss their views and bring you great content. With over 400 managers now contributing to the platform, overseeing the content can feel like being at the epicentre of the market. Show More

Paul Wylie

House prices are now falling in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth according to CoreLogic's recently released data. Year-on-year changes in house prices are shown in the chart below. Some media outlets are quoting "experts" who say the housing market is going to fall 40%. I'm going to go out on a... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

An increasing number of data series have been turning negative for Australia’s housing market. Auction clearance rates, building approvals, housing credit growth, and even house prices themselves appear to have topped. Anecdotes are popping up of units being resold far below their original purchase value, or with significant incentives offered... Show More