Harley Grosser

What a difference 3 months can make. Investors are nervous with the main Aussie index off about -13% from its highs amidst talk of a bear market. But in small cap land, we are already there. The Emerging Companies Index is down by more than -20% this year, meeting the... Show More

Many ASX-listed telcos have been struggling in recent years. A combination of rising rates, industry competition, and the introduction of the NBN, have made lives difficult for many operators. Mark Landau, Joint Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at L1 Capital, says there’s one ASX telco he’d be happy to... Show More

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell

There was a time when Telstra was a staple of almost every Australian investor’s portfolio. Stable earnings and a big fully-franked yield meant that it never had problems attracting buyers. Things are different now. After cutting its dividend in August, Telstra is now down >30% year to date. In the latest... Show More

Robert Swift

Remember the Tech Media Telecom (TMT) bubble of the late 1990s? Australia didn’t participate because of an absence of such companies on the ASX, but elsewhere it produced a frenzy of deals and some ludicrous valuations which mostly came unstuck. Although it eventually got out of hand with crazy valuations,... Show More

Following reporting season, a number of previously well-loved sectors have fallen out of favour with the market. Outdoor advertising, aged care operators, and telecommunications companies have all seen falls of around 30%. Despite the well-established difficulties of operating in the aged care sector, investors got “over-excited” about this area and... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Aussie market opened positively on global sentiment and then withered away after making two attempts at staying above 5530. Aussie market today was mainly driven by the rate cut expectations. Regulatory approvals helped push AIO/QUB and MTS. SIV follows CIM in getting hammered for negative market update. The market is... Show More