Mark Gordon

Strong investor interest has continued in the junior and mid-cap resources stocks through 2017. Despite a relatively flat first half of the year, the second half has seen a 20-30% increase in the relevant ASX indices on the back of steadily improving metals prices, particularly in the base and battery... Show More

Hedley Widdup

The fundamentals of gold remain strong; inflation should outpace interest rates and global debt remains high. I think gold will find a floor at some stage, and when it begins to move up again it could be quite aggressive. Key catalysts will be ‘the three I’s: Inflation, interest rates, and... Show More

Gavin Wendt

2016 has played host to a significant resource sector rejuvenation. Quality smaller companies have once again been able to raise funding for exploration, appraisal and development activities, markets are reacting positively to favourable company news, and share prices are generally moving in the right direction. The proof of the pudding... Show More

John Robertson

Mining asset values remain mired in a cyclical funk judging by the bid for Kasbah Resources. Over nine days in mid July, buyers of Kasbah Resources shares outlayed $613,000 to push their price up 162% before trading was halted and then suspended. It might have seemed an especially prescient buy... Show More

John Robertson

Kasbah Resources, currently suspended pending an announcement, claims that its Achmmach tin project feasibility study confirms the project's “robust” economics. The mining industry bandies this adjective around unthinkingly. ‘Robust’ should mean little change in financial outcomes over a wide range of potential conditions. The Kasbah feasibility study implied an investment... Show More