Stuart Roberts

Everyone complains that with Life Sciences companies it takes at least ten years of your life and hundreds of millions of dollars to get to a marketable product. In many cases, however, that claim is no longer true, thanks in good measure to smartphones and the Internet. Consider the case of ResApp Health, a Perth-based company developing a smartphone-based diagnostic for respiratory disease. The technology, originally developed at the University of Queensland, can detect, through the measurement of coughs and breathing sounds, a range of respiratory disorders including pneumonia, asthma, and COPD with sensitivities and specificities greater than 90% and improving all the time thanks to machine learning. The technology works on existing smartphones with no extra specialised hardware required, making rapid deployment post-regulatory approval a relatively straightforward and highly scalable proposition. ResApp Health is now preparing for a registration study of the technology, ahead of a filing for FDA approval expected in early 2017. That's right - around six months from now we could be talking about ResApp having a product to sell. Learn more at (VIEW LINK)


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