For eight years unitholders in AMP Capital China Growth Fund (ASX:AGF) have suffered from a substantial discount on their unit price relative to the underlying value of their fund. This discount has persisted through both buoyant and weak financial market conditions. Indeed, the Board has presided over a fund with one of the worst discount records of any in its peer group. In this open letter to the Responsible Entity we seek to hold the mirror up to the Board and highlight our concerns with the corporate governance at the fund to date. Since this fund was floated on the ASX its benchmark has increased by a total of 271% through to the end of April 2015. Over this same period unitholders have seen the price of their units rise by just 50%, whilst receiving dividends equal to 39% of the start of period value. For this underperformance AMP Capital has been paid over $42 million in investment management and Responsible Entity fees. The full letter is attached (VIEW LINK)

Andrew Fairweather

well done Metage! It is unacceptable for LICs to trade at such discounts - the problem is that managers like AMP focus on their fees and not on what is best for the LICs shareholders (preferring to reward their own shareholders). It shows that AMP is more concerned with short term revenue maximisation versus building goodwill with its LIC shareholder base that would allow it to raise more capital in time, but who would support them now? You can count my shares in for a vote to roll the management team - the underlying performance has been very poor in any event.