Christopher Joye

I have published a brief analysis in the AFR of ANZ's decision to appoint Michelle Jablko as CFO and the ensuing controversy surrounding Angus Aitken's remarks on this subject. Excerpt: "Stockbroker Angus Aitken's comments were not remotely sexist...The suggestion is arguably scandalous. On any objective reading, there is not one explicitly or implicitly sexist statement in Aitken's now nationally publicised excoriation of ANZ's decision on the basis of his entirely credible view that investment bankers tend to make bad business people...The acutely ironic aspect of ANZ's argument is that it represents a form of reverse discrimination against Aitken. This appears to be an attempt to censure Aitken's critique by using Jablko's gender against him. And it has been totally counterproductive: nobody was seriously thinking ANZ's hard-headed chief executive Shayne Elliott would predicate his choice of CFO on the basis of their gender. Yet now Jablko admirable ascension to one of the most senior executive positions in corporate Australia will forever be tarnished by the sordid insinuation it was not exclusively attributable to merit." Free (VIEW LINK)


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