The Australian Share market looking to extend its positive momentum into the start of August shrugging off a flat lead from Wall Street with a big bounce in commodity based stocks the catalyst behind moves today. Market volume into the final 30 minutes was only fair at $2.358 billion. On Friday we did see a much healthier turnover of over 5 billion, which while isn’t setting the world on fire was a huge improvement on the lack of activity we did see in July and the reason why it’s hard to get excited even with the market up over 6% in July. I did expect some action in financials today with the potential to chase yield ahead of the RBA tomorrow, but that was not the case in the flat day for the bank. Tomorrow I am expected the RBA to be proactive and cut rates. I do believe last week’s CPI numbers was enough to push the RBA to act and given the mounting concerns on the economy I see them acting tomorrow.