Schroders Australia

Schroders is pleased to announce that our Schroder Real Return Fund (ASX:GROW), an actively managed, diversified investment solution aiming to provide investors with stable real returns is now live and trading on the ASX. With a strong endorsement from the independent research houses in Australia the Schroder Real Return strategy has been running since 2008 and was Australia’s first objective based offering. This strategy is built for Australian investors, looking to achieve above inflation returns, whilst avoiding large losses when markets experience downturns. While achieving the desired financial outcome is important, so too is the path we take to get there. The rollercoaster ride of returns in some traditional markets can be too much for some investors to bear; that is why GROW has focus on providing stable returns, so investors can smooth out the path they take to achieve their financial goals. Please visit the grow website or speak to your adviser about ASX ticker code GROW: (VIEW LINK)


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