A quick screen of the biggest moves in February to date shows that there is some bargain hunting going on in some unloved parts of the market. The intention was to find those stocks that had delivered strong results. However, the results point to some big moves in some very beaten down names. The rally in the gold stocks should not come as a huge surprise given the recent strength in the yellow metal. However, it is interesting to see some interest returning to mining services and a select number of energy stocks... Certainly not what I was expecting the screen to show up. (thanks to Mathan for running the screen)


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Patrick Fresne

I think you could argue that the sell-off of the small resource companies over recent years was not solely due to the low commodity prices, but also had something to do with the rush into high yielding stocks over the past few years (because small mining companies regularly require injections of shareholder money, the exact opposite of a dividend stock). Even half-decent small resource companies ended up being priced for failure, so this rebound in the small mining and energy stocks might become a bit of a trend for 2016.

James Marlay

It's definitely interesting to see, wasn't what I was expecting