Monash Investors Pty Limited

Shane Fitzgerald, Principal at Monash Investors, says that Catapult has only just “scraped the surface” so far in penetrating the market of elite sportspeople. Catapult currently has around 5-8% market share currently, but he think it’s possible they could achieve up to 50% in the future. Catapult recently acquired US-based sports video analytics company XOS Technologies for $US60 million ($80.1 million). The acquisition offers significant strategic value as it allows Catapult to leverage XOS’s sales team, who already have “very deep relationships” with ~168 elite teams that Catapult doesn’t currently service. “One thing we’re confident about is that where they are today is just the tip of the iceberg of where they’re going to get to. We think the stock is worth many times where it’s trading at today.” Watch the video below his thoughts on the company and its recent acquisitions.


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