The equity market ran strongly into the FY16 reporting season, up 8.7% to August from the shock 'Brexit' decision. In our reporting season preview last month we noted the importance of improved company earnings to justify the higher valuations. While on the whole there were fewer disappointing results compared with previous years, they were coming off subdued expectations. Overall guidance for FY17 remains on the soft side with few pockets of genuine growth. We think it's likely that earnings season has just done enough to hold up valuations at elevated levels against a supportive interest rate environment. However, we do caution that confidence can be easily shaken as investors switch their focus back to global issues. Our high conviction stocks represent companies that we think can grow against a lacklustre economic backdrop. In September we’ve added a new stock to the high conviction list. Click here for our five ASX100 high conviction stock picks this month: (VIEW LINK)