Get access to the 5th best performing fund manager in Australia. via their new Listed Investment Company (LIC) IPO. CBG Capital (ASX: CBC) is ranked 5th in Australia (by Mercer Invt Surveys) producing a consistent +11.1% return p.a over the past 5 years, or +18.9% p.a over the past 3 years. The 5 year time frame covers some of the most volatile periods the Australian stock market has experienced. Taking into account events like the April - Oct 2011 -20% pull back. How has your portfolio behaved over this period? The LIC is seeking to raise up to 50m shares @ $1.00 & with a 1 for 1 free attaching option (exercisable at $1.00 on or before the 30/09/16).The closest comparison is Qv Equities Ltd (ASX: QVE) which floated on 22nd August '14 @ $1.00 per share & with a 1 for 1 free attaching option (QVEO). QVE last @ 99.5c and QVEO (the options) are trading @ 3.8c = Total package last @ $103.3 Please click the following link to view the CBG Capital (CBC.ASX) IPO opportunity. (VIEW LINK)