ABC Radio picked up our thoughts on the Renewable Energy Target debate, Australian Ethical's investment philosophy and the solar opportunity in Australia. Rooftop solar is becoming a no-brainer. The retail price of electricity, especially during peak hours in Australia, makes solar very attractive for home owners. Coincidentally, this when the sun is typically at its best to harvest solar power! The ‘unsubsidised’ payback on a panel is now typically measured in the low-single-digit years with any grants and credits just making the economics even better. Solar will not completely get you off the grid but as noted above even with its intermittent availability, the economics still stack up. We strongly encourage households to get a quote to see if solar makes sense for you: start your research at (VIEW LINK)

Test Account

I'm looking forward to putting in rooftop solar soon. Not only do the number make sense, but I get to insulate myself against the always increasing price of retail electricity. As you wrote - a no brainer!

Nathan Lim

Tell your friends! We can make a material contribution to reducing the emissions intensity of this country and save money at the same time. It starts with one rooftop at a time :)