Tony Locantro

Great presentation from Dr Allan Trench CRU to open Mining 2013 in Brisbane this morning. Extremely bullish on zinc for 2017 (supply crunch on the way), forecast a recovery in nickel from a very low base, and put forward a bullish case for met coal. I also noticed palladium at the top of his hot chart which re-iterates the strong interest from overseas commentators. Good crowd considering the market, but still no young, hot, eclectic YOLO types that would indicate a bubble formation.


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James Marlay

Still too early at the junior end Tony. I am concerned that strength in resources is going to be limited to companies that are in production or have mines that are about to enter production. Commodity prices need to recover substantially before exploration interest starts to really rev up. That being said starting to see some action in a few of the juniors and as a result the first (big) steps up in terms of percentage moves.